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FAQ and Testimonials

Q. How long do I have to stay off of my driveway after it has been paved?
We suggest you stay off your newly paved driveway a minimum of 24 hours and preferably up to 48 hours when the outdoor temperature is 85 degrees or lower. In extreme heat and humidity, 85 degrees or higher, you should wait at least 72 hours.
Q. How long do I stay off my seal-coated driveway or surface area?
If your sealed area is located in the sun, we suggest you stay off of it for 24 hours. If your sealed area is located in the shade, please wait a minimum of 48 hours.


To Tom the Team at Allied,

Thank you so much for the attention to questions we had, etc. The group did a tremendous job and we just love our driveway! Would you please send us a brochure or information on keeping or protecting our driveway in the seasons and resealing.


The Myers Family

Congratulations Y’all,

You should be very proud of yourselves from the estimator to the installation…  All have done a awesome job!! It’s just great doing business with you. Feel good and proud; you deserve it.

Many Thanks,


Dear Allied Paving Staff,

On behalf of the residents of the Regal Oaks Apartments, my manager Andrew Harrison, and myself, I wish to congratulate and thank you on a job very well done. The parking lot and drives turned out beautifully. Your team completed the work with competence and efficiency. It would be a pleasure if each vendor we do business with completed their work as wonderfully as you and your team.

I certainly will highly recommend you to associates and others in need of your line of services. I am very pleased and hope that we may do business again at some point in the future.

Once again, Job Well done!


Joseph E. Goodell
Regal Oaks Apartments

Dear Allied Paving,

This letter is long overdue, however I guess “better late than never”!

A little over a year ago, your company paved our driveway. To be honest, I was quite apprehensive as we have a long driveway with an S-curve and a turnaround area. In addition, the driveway extends in front of our barn. The only “preparation” that we had done was to have your estimator come out and provide the cost breakdown.

Upon arriving home on the day the paving was done, I was amazed. In a word, the job was absolutely perfect. Where the driveway met the road, everything was smooth and even. The sides of the entire driveway were at a 45-degree angle. Where the driveway met the garage floor, there were no gaps; it was even, and there was no tar on the cement! Likewise with the area in front of our barn… I couldn’t have asked for a better job.

Above and beyond all that, there were 2 other things that impressed me:
1. you paved the area in front of our main-door to the barn (which I hadn’t expected, but added a really nice touch).
2. I couldn’t believe what a spotless job you did. There were no “clumps” of tar lying around. There were no truck marks in our yard. There were no areas outside of the driveway that had been affected in any way.

As I said, the job had been done to perfection!

This past winter, we received a postcard from you informing us of your estimate on the cost to seal the driveway this spring. My wife and I didn’t think we could do it ourselves for the amount you quoted, so we scheduled an appointment.

Yesterday, you came out and sealed our driveway. Again, the job was done to perfection. The cracks that I had expected to be filled were filled… the entire driveway was sealed… and once again I couldn’t be more pleased with your performance. We had put a “rock garden” that bordered a portion of the driveway, and not only was the driveway perfectly sealed along the rock line, but not a single stone had tar on it. In addition, your people pushed back the stones to create an even cleaner-looking line that we had there before!

Please thank everyone at Allied Paving for us, and congratulate them on both jobs well done!


Tim and Valerie DeVaughn

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